Comob Net and Comobcomob screen

Comob is the name for a digital arts project that explores the potential for collaborative mapping with GPS technology. The free iPhone applications support this research.

Comob Net was premiered at ISEA2009 in Belfast, sign up to try the software out in its intended context – an arts workshop.

Comob Net is the newest part of the Comob project, and integrates aspects of Comob (the first application) as well as some very special extra features. Comob Net allows a group of people to see each others geographical locations in ‘real-time’ and connect them with up with lines.

Comob is the sister application that allows the speedy posting of GPS coordinates with a user name to a specified server.It was developed to support the digital art project of the same name that was premiered at the FutureSonic festival in Manchester, UK.

Comob ISEA (2009) on Vimeo.

Chapter: Sharing occasions at a distance: the different dimensions of comobility

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