#Blockchain4EU / Gigbliss

#Blockchain4EU: Blockchain for Industrial Transformations is a forward looking sociotechnical exploration of existing, emerging and potential applications based on Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) for industrial / non-financial sectors. It is coordinated by the EU Policy Lab / Foresight, Behavioural Insights and Design for Policy Unit of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in collaboration with the Innovation Policy and Investment for Growth Unit of the Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs (DG GROW).


Larissa Pschetz and I were involved in a two day prototyping workshop in which we worked with others to explore future material and conceptual scenarios of production, distribution and use of Blockchain and other DLT applications for industrial / non-financial sectors.

The focus of the workshop was on the collaborative envisioning, design and creation of five objects, systems or services, thereafter referred as prototypes, which could physically represent or exemplify in tangible and interactive ways how Blockchain and other DLTs may be developed or operate in a near future considering five specific use cases.

Larissa and I were tasked with distributed energy:

After several iterations, the final output was a suite of three similar Gigbliss hairdryers with AUTO, BALANCE and PLUS models, which loosely follow three models of machine to human agency. The hairdryers mainly differ from each other due to three different user models of energy consumption and management executed through smart contracts linked to blockchain based energy trading and management platforms.