I have led and been part of over 30 funded grants from AHRC, EPSRC, ESRC, SkolTech and H2020.

List of grants funded through UKRI:

If you would like to find out more about some of the projects, please pick from the list.

1. PI to EPSRC / Digital Economy Telling Tales of Engagement award: Social, Economic and Environmental Entanglements in the Digital Economy, £10k with Dr Martin Glynn, Bakita Kasadha and Dr Nicky Melville.

2. Co-I to Future Infrastructure for Retail Remittances (FIRE) project with UCL, £280k for 18 months (funded through the UKRI PETRAS National Centre of Excellence in technological advances in the Internet of Things (IoT).

3.    Co-I to Beyond the 10 000 steps: Managing less visible aspects of healthy ageing at work, part of ISCF Healthy Ageing, Social, Behavioural and Design call £1.97m led by Edinburgh Business School

4.    Co-I to Healthier Working Lives And Ageing For Workers In The Care Sector: Developing Careers, part of ISCF Healthy Ageing, Social, Behavioural and Design call £1.67m led by Edinburgh Business School

5.     Co-I to Innovate UK, Healthy Ageing Trail Blazer: Blackwood Neighbourhoods for Independent Living TS/V02759X/1 Total: £770k 

6.     PI to Design Lab: DDI Beacon project. £600k SFC. November to end of July 2021. With Cassells, G. (Co-I).

7.      Co-I to GiftGuard: EIT Digital – Digital Innovation Factory. EUR £600k, Est. £50k for UoE. Grant led by Insurgent Studios with other industry partners. Begins January 2021.

8.      Co-I to Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network: D-CoDE (Fundamentals of Design Competence for Our Digital Future) with Technische Universiteit Delft, Umea Universitet, Kobenhavns Universitet, Aarhus Universitet Dk, Transport And Telecommunication Institute Lv, Stichting Hogeschool Van Amsterdam, and Philips Electronics. Total value: €4m (€900k for Edinburgh) 48 months from January 2021.

9.  &nbp;   Co-I to EPSRC Next Stage Digital Economy Centre in the Decentralised Digital Economy (DECaDE) led by Surrey with the Digital Catapult. Total value: £4.6mil (£900k for Edinburgh) 60 months from October 2020.

10.   Co-I to the Understanding the Person in Context theme, Advanced Care Research Centre, University of Edinburgh. Programme exploring data driven models of care. Funded by Legal & General. Total value: £20mil months from April 2020.

11.   Co-I to EPSRC PETRAS (privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security) National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity part of the Securing Digital Technologies at the Periphery (SDTaP) programme with 11 Universities and 110 industrial and government User Partners in cross-disciplinary collaboration (EP/S035362/1). Total value: £13.8mil 36 months from March 2019. 

12.   Co-I to Creative Communities SUII networking grant with GSA addressing mental health in rural communities. Total value: £19,980. Sept 2019-Summer 2020.

13.   Co-I to Seamless Access to Inclusive Digital Services (SAIDS), European Social Fund Social Innovation Fund with Mydex Total amount: £139,557.14. Jan 2019 – Jan 2020.

14.  Co-I to EU Blockchain4EU Project with Larissa Pschetz including workshop and commissioning of Design Prototypes. €5k.

15.   PI to AHRC Creative Informatics: Data Driven Innovation for the Creative Industries AH/S002782/1 with Edinburgh Napier University, CodeBase & Creative Edinburgh. £7.6m (AHRC £5.5mil, SFC £500k, DDI £1.6m) 4.5 years Sept 2018 – Mar2023.

16.   PI to EPSRC Qualified Selves: Co-Creating Meaning Post-Big Data. EP/R033064/1. £290k 18months 

17.   PI to Digital Health Institute grant: Active Backs e-Health app. £49,500. Start Jan 1st. 6 Months.

18.   PI to EPSRC Digital Economy Ox-Chain: Towards secure and trustworthy circular economies through distributed ledger technologies. With Lancaster, Newcastle and Oxfam. EPSRC Ref: EP/N028198/1. Total value: £1,238,245. 36 months from Summer 2016.

19.   Co-I to EPSRC Digital Economy PACTMAN: Trust, Privacy and Consent in Future Pervasive Environments, led by Lancaster with University of Essex. EPSRC Ref: EP/N028228/1. Total value: £1,262,703. Edinburgh receive: £302,175.00. 30th months from Summer 2016.

20.   Co-I to EPSRC Digital Economy Cyber Security of the Internet of Things. UK Internet of Things Hub with 8 other Universities. Edinburgh are a spoke EPSRC ref: EP/N02334X/1. Total value: £4,559,841. Edinburgh receive £247,000. 36 months from Feb 29th 2016.

21.   Co-I to EPSRC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research – University of Edinburgh. EP/R007144/1. £81,715 led by Aspinall. 

22.   PI to ESRC After Money: After Money: If you change the representation of value, does it change the values that you can represent? With the Royal Bank of Scotland and the New Economics Foundation. £250k ESRC Reference: ES/N007018/1.

23.   PI Academic to: Innovate UK: Creating and Controlling a Personal Data Store Innovate UK under the theme Enhancing user experience with personal data. Total grant: £33,167. Innovate UK Application Number: 422179

24.   Co-I to: AHRC funded Rules of Thumb: An Investigation into the Potential of Contextual Transposition in Social Design led by Brighton, with Lancaster, Open University. Total: £14,897.

25.   Co-I to AHRC ARTIST ROOMS on Tour: Encounters in and beyond the ROOM. School of Education, Sociology & Design Informatics. Exploring how a mobilities perspective can provide new insights into and strategies for museum and gallery engagement and evaluation. Ref: AH/M008177/1. Led by Jen Ross with Jeremy Knox. £187k.

26.   PI to Skoltech Foundation funded project ThingTank with TUDelft and University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo $495k per annum. 2014-2015.

27.   PI to EPSRC Connected High Street, Internet of Things Research in the Wild project with University of Dundee and NCR Corporation £379,534, EP/L02358X/1

28.   PI to AHRC Communities within spaces of flows, Connected Communities project with Bournemouth University, £40k AH/L013258/1

29.   Co-I to Design in Action: AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Creative Economy. Led by Dundee, with St.Andrews, Robert Gordon, GSA, Abertay and V&A Dundee. £6.5M. AH/J005126/1

30.   PI to SICSA / Smart Tourism award: Travelling Treasures £40k with Edinburgh Museum and Galleries, The Assembly Rooms & Lothian Buses.

31.   Co-I to EPSRC Digital Economy HAT: Hub-of-all-Things as Platform for Multi-sided Market powered by Internet-of-Things: Opportunities for New Economic & Business Model. £1.2 million with Warwick, Cambridge, Exeter, Nottingham and West England. EPSRC Reference: EP/K039911/1

32.   PI to EPSRC The Internet of Secondhand Things:
Object biographies, consumption pathways and re-valuing goods. £250k with UCL and Oxfam, 18 months, 2013 EPSRC Reference: EP/K012819/1.

33.   Co-I to EPSRC Creating trust through digital traceability: sustainable food chains and new ways to connect producers and consumers £250k with University of Durham, 18 months, 2013. EPSRC Reference: EP/K012126/1

34.   Co-I to EPSRC Research in the Wild Learning Energy Systems: A dynamic innovative solution to reducing energy demand (£300k), Edinburgh for 18 months, starting 2013. EPSRC Reference: EP/K012789/1

35.   Co-I to AHRC Cinematic Geographies of Battersea: Urban Interface and Site-Specific Spatial Knowledge with Universities of Cambridge, Liverpool and Edinburgh in partnership with the Survey of London at English Heritage (EH). Reference: AH/I022252/1

36.   Co-I to EPSRC SeRTES £250k Digital Economy project in collaboration with Warwick, Aberdeen, LSE, City University and Newcastle. 9 month, 2012. EPSRC Reference: EP/J021601/1

37.   PI to AHRC Ladders to the Cloud, £40k follow-on funding for the Community Web 2.0 project with Heriot Watt, Leicester and RCHAMS. AHRC Reference: AH/J006734/1

38.   Co-I to AHRC Memories of Mr Seel’s Garden, £100k Pilot Demonstrator project under the Connected Communities research theme, with Manchester, Liverpool, RCAHMS and Transition Liverpool, Friends of Everton Park, Friends of Sudley Estate. AHRC Reference: AH/J006629/1

39.   Co-I to AHRC The Time of the Clock and the Time of Encounter: Pathfinders for Connection, Connected Communities research project £100k. with University of Central Lancashire, Manchester and Aberdeen. AHRC Reference: AH/J006637/1

40.   Co-I to AHRC Localism and Connected Community Planning £40k with Birmingham, Cardiff University. AHRC Reference: AH/J006580/1

41.   PI to AHRC Community Web 2.0: Creative control through hacking £40k Connected Communities follow up funding with University of Leicester and Brunel University, 2011. AHRC Reference: AH/I507620/1

42.   PI to EPSRC Travel Behaviours Network £150k 2011-2015. EPSRC Reference: EP/J00510X/1

43.   Co-I to EPSRC 6th Sense Transport project £900k in collaboration with Southampton, Bournemouth, Salford and Lancaster, 2011-2014. EPSRC Reference: EP/J004650/1

44.   PI Edinburgh Beltane Tagging Technology small grant for public engagement workshop with anti tagging organisation NO2ID. £1.5k

45.   Studentship: Are we nearly there yet? Supported by Microsoft / Dorothy Hodgkins fund, University of Dundee and Edinburgh College of Art. Value £60k 2010

46.   PI to JISC Walking Through Time £38k in collaboration with University of Edinburgh. Part 1 June 2009. Plus a further £10k from JISC to extend the research. Part 2 May 2010.

47.   PI to EPSRC Digital Economy TOTeM project £1.39 million in collaboration with UCL, Brunel, Salford and Dundee, 2009-2012. EPSRC Reference: EP/H007318/1.